What wood can I burn on my stove?

Video Transcript

Hi it’s Brett from the Cosy Stove company, common question we get here in the showroom “What woods can I actually burn?”

Anything under 20% moisture we consider ok to burn, nice clean natural woods nothing painted, varnished or stained. Soft woods are great for getting the fire going, hard wooods are great for keeping the fire going.

Wet wood does not generally burn very well at all, you will get very little heat out of it. As a result you will tar up the liner, which increase the risk of a chimney fire and the glass will naturally blacken up over time so as you are burning you can;t actually see what’s inside.

Seasoning normally takes from 18-24 months, a great way to test whether the wood is dry and ready to burn is by using a moisture meter which is fairly inexpensive.

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