What maintenance do wood burning stoves require?

Video Transcript

Hi it’s Brett from the Cosy Stove company, today we are talking about maintaining your stove.

Firstly it’s important never to use water or liquids when cleaning the outside of yours stove. This will encourage to stove body to rust. Always use a microfibre cloth and wipe down the outer body of the stove.

Rope seal should be checked frequently on the inside of the door. They should be checked for any damage, fraying and whether they are too compressed to actually seal the door. It’s one of the most common things that require changing on a stove. 

Next it’s important to check the condition of the fire bricks on the inside. These are made from vermiculite and are susceptible from damage as the fire constantly cools and re-heats. As a result they crack. A crack isn’t necessarily a sign it needs changing right away, but as the brick begins to crumble and expose the body of the stove and the steel behind, then it will be time to change.

It is important that the stove is swept annually as a minimum, always use a certified chimney sweep to do this. This is very important to keep your home insurance valid and also all the warranties on the stove and flue system. Contact us to find our recommended chimney sweep and for purchasing any parts you may require for the maintenance of your stove.

Lastly it’s really important that you check your carbon monoxide alarm weekly. We fit one of these on every installation.