Can I have a wood burning stove without a chimney?

Video Transcript

Hi it’s Brett from the Cosy Stove Company, can I install a wood burning stove without a chimney… Absolutely.

The simplicest way of doing that is installing an insulated flue system, here we’ve got a Midtherm HTS system which is made locally in Dudley which we use on all of our installations and one of the more modern approaches is to install a freestanding stove.

This can go on a long flat wall or more commonly in a corner and other really popular option is actually to build a false chimney, this creates a traditional fireplace in which case a lot of people have things like the oak beams, the stove will actually sit in there and it will actually hide the insulated flue system.

All of our chimneys are built out of solid block so you’ve got a real firm construction rather than plasterboard and steel stud.

If you want to find out more please give us a call and I’m more than happy to pop out, we will measure up and can discuss the various options that are available to you..