Are Wood Burning Stoves Going to be Banned?

Video Transcript

Hi it’s Brett here from the Cosy Stove Company, following recent headlines in the news alot of people are asking us “Are wood Burning Stoves being banned?”

Simple answer is no they are not.

A European wide program to lower the emissions comes into force in 2022, statistics have actually shown that upgrading your stove to an eco ready design model you can save particular emissions by upto 90% when compared to an open fire and upto 80% when compared to an older and inefficient wood burner.

As a result alot of manufactures have changed the way that their stoves work so we’ve got much cleaner wood burning stoves and your using far less logs on an eco design stove and the air wash is alot better which in turn keeps the glass spotlessly clean.

Look out for the eco design label when purchasing your next stove.

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